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Enjoy your running experience with these amazing lightweight and durable Merrell barefoot pace glove shoes. This particular style have gained momentous popularity among customers, and since its publicity a lot more products have been launched under barefoot collection. This shoe is remarkably light in weight with just 6 ounces making it very well suited for walking and running. One of the key feature is its ability to be washable. You can wash it under cold water and leave for air dry. Its outsole is a combination of Vibram Trail Glove and TC-1 rubber resulting in exponential grip on different surfaces, including but not limited to concrete, sand, wet tiled and many more.  Its equipped with a drop from ball to heel which keeps your feet aligned to any kind of terrain. To make the impact on surface comfortable it comes with shock absorbing plate at the forefoot that is one millimeter thick. Its midsole is 4mm EVA which is compressed and molded to offer maximum cushioning. Odorless feet are healthy feet and to achieve that it uses a solution named Ageis Antimicrobial on the footbed which is made of Microfiber, doing so increases the resistance to odor many folds and the mission to keep your feet fresh is achieved. To guarantee  a secure fir, this shoe features Omni-Fit lacing technology and to spare more room for your ankle elastic collar is installed. This style comes in more than a dozen type of uppers which you can browse at the left and bottom menus of our website. Its maximize its sportiness and modern appeal it features protective and contrasting overlays and a rubber toe bumper. To keep the internal environment fresh and healthy for your foot its Microfiber mesh upper breathe as you walk. We used size 8 to take above measurements, so it may change for your personal sizing. We have listed a recommended store where you can purchase this product for best price, customers service, fast shipping and hassle free returns.


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Product Reviews

1. Love and hate - This is not a "bad" review because I do like the shoes. But there are a few things that make me regret getting them. The Good: Great breathability and draining. You can wear them with socks without the dorky socks sandals look. Great styling, can wear hiking or at the office. That's what I like the most about these, you can wear them everyday with almost anything, doing almost anything. Pull them off after 12 hours and my feet aren't that sweaty or stinky...impressive for my nasty feet. The Bad: The nylon liner was giving me hot-spots without sock. But you can tighten the shoes with the webbing to minimize this. Also, after trying running in them, I'm sticking to my real running shoes. There isn't that much support or padding, but would be OK for nasty trail running, not good for path or concrete. The breathability will cost you in dry sand. You'll have to take them off after walking on the beach to pour out a cup of sand. The ugly: Squeaking!!! My left shoe won't stop squeaking. It is so loud that it ends up being a conversation topic with most anyone walking next to me. If this wasn't bad, I wouldn't have bothered to write this review. The crisscross webbing is starting to fray after a month. I must have scraped it against a rock right where the plastic ring below the pull adjustment is. It sticks out and is in a vulnerable spot. It's not broken yet, but it looks like it won't be long. Maybe I got a squeaky pair and my strap won't break. Everything else is no big deal if you're OK with that. It might be worth a buy if you get them from Zappos, with their return policy. Good luck.
2. Comfy, but no real support - These are very light. You can't tell by looking but the overall material is a mess like pattern. So air flows easily, but so does dew from grass...getting socks damp. In addition to being light, they also don't offer much support to the overall foot. I barely notice they are on, a good and bad feature. Overall, I want more feel to my footwear. Others mentioned the squeak. Yes, I have it too. While walking around in the house I didn't notice them, then after walking outside for about 5 minutes the sound appeared. It's been a few days now and the sound is still there. I hope it goes away. My second choice is Merrell Siren Sport Shoes, they are also very good.
3. Loved the shoe, wish it had worked for me! I just tried these Merrell Pace Glove in ruby because a friend has them and raved about the comfort. When they arrived I loved the look, part leather, part neoprene. The sole is like a cloud, soft and pillowy, with a nice arch support. The problem for me is that the leather part above the piece that goes between my toes extends further than I am used to with regular flip flops and it rubbed on both of my second toes terribly. I wore them around the kitchen for about 5 minutes and had to take them off because I couldn't stand the rubbing. I tried adjusting them to no avail. Maybe I have weird shaped toes or something, but I've never had that problem with any other flip flop style shoe. I am sad to return them because I loved the style, the color, and the feel of the sole. I think I'll try the Merrell Genoa sandals instead. Too bad the Genoas don't come in ruby!


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