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I had wondered about this shoe brand for years but never bought them, what a mistake that was, these are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. I wear them every day. I have knee problems and these shoes have all but ended the daily discomfort I lived with for years. I only hope they ware as well as they feel.
I was looking for a walking shoe that looked like a dress shoe and felt like a true walking shoe. This Rockford World Tour shoe fit the bill perfectly. There is nothing about it I dislike. I would recommend this show for older people (like me) who do not wish to wear one of the many white walking or sport shoes, but wish to have the same comfort and support.
Merrell is a brand I know I can always buy without trying on. There are others similar to the World Tour that I can get to fit from time to time but must try them. Barefoot fits me the same every time. I am not afraid to buy online. I wear a size 15 normal width.
I do a lot of training -- on my feet an hour at a time, several times a day. These shoes are great for that with the cushioned sole and heel. My only complaint is the shoe laces are not a standard length; so when they eventually break after a couple of years, the replacement laces are either way too long or way too short.
I bought this shoe for my husband. His size and width were true and he just swears by these for his job as a high school custodian! It wears like lead and saves his legs and knees which suffer from arthritis pain at times. This is the 3rd pair of these he has had. He wears them for work and at home so they really are worn a lot - and I do mean a lot! Every time I ask him if he would like to try something else, he just says "NO"! This shoe has taken the buying woes out of my search for comfort and durability!
The Lychee holds up much better than the nubuck finish. The shoes hold up well on the construction site, and the leather cleans up beautifully when exposed to sheetrock dust, sawdust and mud. They clean up so well I can wear them for dressier occasions as well as on-the-job.


Merrell Barefoot Pace Glove Colors:

Ivory Lavender Lustre Lychee Ultra Marine / Mulberry

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